Get a year of BritBox video streaming for 40% off this week

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Luther (series 4)

Idris Elba stars as a classic grizzled detective in Luther.

Sarah Dunn/AMC Networks

As an American, chasing down good British TV shows is kind of a chore. Netflix has most of the Great British Bake Off, but none of the specials. BBC America and HBO Max have Doctor Who, but when new episodes drop the UK still gets it hours before we do and spoilers are impossible to avoid. Even if I pick up a good VPN to deal with those problems, there’s still a lot of great British television I didn’t have access to until recently. Thankfully, the BBC has launched BritBox to make it easier for those of us on this side of the pond to stream as much as we want (though it still doesn’t do Bake Off). And right now, a one-year subscription to BritBox is only $40

A subscription to BritBox will give you access to everything from classic Who to Do Not Adjust Your Set, while also serving up more modern television like Luther, EastEnders and even Good Morning Britain. It’s a ton of great television for a ridiculously good price, and will very likely be the service you turn to when it feels like there’s nothing good to watch on Netflix or Hulu.

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