Nintendo Switch deal: Get the Power-A Joy Con Grip for $5

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It’s tough to find nearly anything for $5 these days, but right now, a crisp Abe Lincoln will get you either a Switch accessory or one of the platform’s best games. On the hardware side, Amazon is offering the Power-A Joy-Con Comfort Grip for $5 (67% off). On the software side, you can snag Celeste for the same price at the Nintendo store (75% off its current price at Amazon).

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This isn’t the sexiest gaming accessory, but for $5, it’s great to have it on hand. This is essentially a Nintendo-authorized clone of the Joy-Con grip that comes with the Switch. That model retails for $20, however, so this one comes at a significant savings. If you’ve already bought some extra Joy-Cons for head-to-head Switch games, this is a great buy. (I bought it back in September at double the price, and keep it in my travel bag.) Note that it does not have the “charge and play” function that its earlier iteration had, however.

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Full disclosure: I found Celeste to be a great game, but its difficulty level ramped up past my meager platforming skills pretty early on. That said, this delightfully old-school indie from 2018 still ranks as one of the top 10 all-time Switch titles on CNET’s sister site, Metacritic. For just $5 (for the digital version), it’s worth taking the plunge. (Update, July 9: This deal is no longer available.)

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