Save $114 on this 3-pack of app-controlled photography LED panels

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Finding good lighting for your space is always important. Whether you’re a budding photographer or you spend too much of your day in Zoom meetings, being able to control your lighting makes a huge difference. Being able to set the ideal color temperature and brightness for whatever you’re doing is great, and being able to make changes on the fly with an app on your phone makes life so much easier. Neweer is selling a three-pack of LED panels specifically for this purpose, and today they’re on a huge discount. 

This $226 kit includes three 530 RGB panels with tripods, light diffusers and a special carry bag to help keep it portable. There’s a power cable included, but these panels support batteries so the panels can be totally wireless wherever you take them. These batteries aren’t included, but the convenience is undeniable. And no matter where you are, there’s an app for setting everything up exactly the way you want. It’s not a requirement to use the app, there’s a set of controls on the panels as well, so no matter what you’re doing there’s flexibility.

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