Save $60 on one of Logitech’s best webcams today

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Logitech c930e


The webcam built in to your laptop is not very good. It doesn’t really matter who makes your laptop, there’s not a lot of space in the lid (or the keyboard) to add a bunch of quality sensors and optics. If you find yourself constantly on video chats, an external camera will greatly improve your appearance. Many come with better sensors and software to balance out the colors in the room around you, and they can also be positioned at angles to offer a more flattering look at your face and office. Logitech has been making great webcams for years now, and most of its current offerings are a wild improvement over what comes stock in your laptop. And today, the Logitech C930e webcam is available for $70, a huge discount on its $130 list price. 

On top of having a larger sensor and some great software to make you look better on camera, the C930e offers a 4x optical zoom. This means you can appear closer to your camera without any visual quality loss in the video chat, making it possible to crop out some of the things you’d rather not share in the background. The camera also offers a two-stage hinge and even a mount for tripods, making it possible to put this camera just about anywhere in your office to create the perfect camera angle for your video chat needs.

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