This wireless charger stands up or folds flat and only costs $8 today

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A good wireless charger won’t change your life, but it is nice to have around. Being able to drop your phone onto a charger without having to plug anything in is incredibly convenient and allows you to charge your phone even if it has recently been wet or if you’ve somehow damaged your phone. The only real downside to most wireless chargers is the shape: The ones that stand up are great for desks, but less ideal for bedside tables. Mophie makes a nice wireless charger capable of both sitting up and folding flat, but it’s usually $50. Today, however, it’s yours for only $8. 

The coolest feature on this wireless charger from Mophie is undeniably the ability to adjust charging positions. The actual charging is the standard 7.5-watt power output, so you won’t be fast charging with this but it’s perfect for sitting at your desk or overnight at your bedside. And you needn’t worry about what happens if you switch phones — this charger will power anything capable of charging wirelessly. All you have to do is decide if $8 is worth it to you. Seems kind of hard to say no. 

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