5 unique smartphones you can buy in India

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5 unique smartphones you can buy in India

Take a candy bar design, slap it with the latest and most powerful internals, make sure it comes with the latest fizz like a PDAF camera, a fingerprint scanner, metallic body and some resistance to external agents like water or dust and you pretty much have a ready to go Android flagship today. Not saying that the industry as a whole has stagnated or become boring, but just that it is a lot more predictable. You can kind of call out what the next big wave would be. For example, sitting today, you know that displays with sapphire crystals or displays with inbuilt fingerprint scanner, more RAM, bigger battery is what is coming your way in 2017.

Yet, there are a few OEMs out there that manage to break this tone of predictability with a device that leaves you in a bit of a fantasy land. Although a rare event, but even in 2016, when phones have become household names and no more seen as a luxury like they did a few years ago, there are phones that deserve to be awarded. Here are the five phones that you can buy in 2016, that would give you something unique, something different from the rest of the world.

Source from www.techradar.com

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