9 Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, on May 8. It’s a wonderful opportunity to recognize and honor moms and mother-like figures in your life. When it comes to showing how much you care and love her, you probably wish you could spare no expense. Yet, with the rising cost of nearly everything these days, planning ahead for Mother’s Day and sticking to a budget is a wise decision. There are plenty of Mother’s Day gift ideas that are affordable, yet meaningful.

We’ve rounded up a list of options that will show Mom just how much you appreciate her without breaking the bank. If she’s always on the go, get her the perfect travel mug that will keep her morning coffee piping hot. If she loves to get crafty, consider an Etsy gift card. If she needs some relaxation and self-care, pamper her with a spa-like gift. And don’t forget the value of spending quality time together — make memories by watching a movie, going for a nature walk or even staying in and making a nice dinner. 

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You don’t have to drop a ton of cash to make her feel special. Check out our list of budget-friendly and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts below.


Etsy is a one-stop shop for everything from high-end jewelry to art from creators around the world. This Etsy gift card is fantastic because not only does it eliminate the guessing game of the ideal gift, but it’s also great for the crafty mom who prefers to buy something handcrafted. The value of this gift card ranges from $25 to $250. 


Does Mom love her iced coffee? Iced coffee takes time to make, which can be a pain. But this HyperChiller is a handy way to quickly bring down the temperature of beverages so your mom can instantly get her iced coffee fix. CNET’s David Watsky gave this HyperChiller a positive review since it was able to cool his hot coffee from 175 degrees to 59 degrees in two minutes. And it performs even better with wine. For less than $25, your mother can sit back and relax with any chilled beverage.


From body buffers to foot care, Spongelle is a great stop for body care. I’ve personally tested Spongelle’s body buffers and continue to buy them to this day. Not only do they smell wonderful, but it’s nice to have a four-in-one product: loofah, exfoliation tool, cleanser and moisturizer. Once the infused body wash is gone, your mom can toss it right out. Prices start at $16 for a buffer that will last mom at least 14 washes.


Does your mother love makeup, skin care and all things beauty? If so, then she’ll enjoy a Sephora gift card. These start at $10 and go up to $250 all so you can help Mom get an array of beauty products from top brands that she will adore. Word of advice: You might want to add a little more than $10 on the gift card because Sephora can be pricey. I’d suggest starting at $25 and go from there.

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TheraBox is known for its subscriptions, but did you know you can also grab a one-off beauty and wellness box like this self-care Reset Box? This fabulous box features a toner, facial exfoliator, a refreshing eye mask and more. Basically, this is a $55 spa in a box that makes it easier for your mom to have a cozy night in without having to leave home.


If your mom is in need of a little stress relief, there’s nothing like adding a bit of aromatherapy to her shower for a relaxing start to her day. These ZenTyme shower steamers come in six scents: lavender, rose, jasmine, mint, lemongrass and orange. All your mom has to do is drop one of these near the shower stream (not directly under it because it will dissolve too quickly) and breathe in to let the stress just melt away. These shower steamers are septic-safe and non-slip.


Say goodbye to the cringey “best mom” mug and hello to the Yeti Rambler Mug. For about $35, you can get your mother a travel mug that will keep her hot drinks warm while also keeping cold drinks cold. This stainless-steel mug holds 24 ounces, is dishwasher-safe, and comes in multiple colors. This is a great choice for a mom on the go.


When it comes to streaming devices, Roku is our favorite brand out there. The Roku Streaming Stick 4K Plus is the latest edition to the Roku family, and it has everything your mom will need to stream her favorite TV shows and movies. It also features Dolby Vision support and a simple layout that makes finding what your mom wants as simple as possible. And with the addition of music and podcasts searches via voice control, the power your mom will have to watch and listen to anything is even easier.


Tile trackers are a great gift for the mom who forgets her keys. This tile tracker is a practical and affordable way to keep everything in place. It’s compatible with iOS and Android, water-resistant just in case it gets a little wet, and it can be used for just about anything you can hook it to within a range of 250 feet. Mom won’t have to worry about losing anything again.

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