Battle virtual Darth Vader with the Star Wars Jedi Challenges AR kit for $150

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This is absolutely positively the mixed-reality Star Wars experience you’re looking for.


Vwoom, vwoom!

As much as my inner 9-year-old loved piloting the Propel Star Wars X-Wing drone I wrote about a few weeks ago, he’d go absolutely bonkers for today’s deal.

For a limited time, Lenovo is offering the Star Wars Jedi Challenges AR kit for $149.99 shipped when you apply e-coupon code JEDI50FANS at checkout. It’s normally $199.99. And note that the code is case sensitive.

Pro tip: Save an additional 8 percent with Ebates in the form of a cashback rebate. (And speaking of Ebates, see today’s second bonus deal, below.) That will bring your net cost down to $138.

Even at that price, this is an indulgence. And as indulgences go, they don’t get any geekier than this. Don’t care. Want, want, want!

Jedi Challenges combines a self-contained augmented-reality (AR) headset with a full-size lightsaber replica. A tracking beacon keeps the two in sync, resulting in a sort of mixed-reality gaming experience.



Those games include not only the obligatory (and awesome-sounding) lightsaber duels, but also Holochess and a tower defense-style strategy sim.

Now for the one catch: The headset requires a compatible phone. Currently that list includes most iPhones, many Galaxy phones and a smattering of Google, LG and Motorola models. (Lenovo says more will be added, as will more content. There’s already an update that adds characters and locations from “The Last Jedi.”)

I haven’t had the chance to try the gear myself, so let me turn you over to Scott Stein’s Star Wars Jedi Challenges review. He liked it, but a few technical glitches got in the way. Hopefully Lenovo has ironed out some of them by now, or at least will do so in future updates. For what it’s worth, user reviews are pretty glowing.

So, yeah, this comes with a few caveats — and to be honest, I suspect we’ll see further price drops down the road, if not deals on refurbs. But if you just can’t wait to square off against virtual Darth Vader, a $50 discount is a $50 discount.

Your thoughts?




Bonus deal: Game time! Origin’s latest On the House entry is a gem: the original Dead Space for PC, free for a limited time. It normally sells for $19.99.

Dead Space is, according to GameSpot’s review, “an incredibly atmospheric and disturbingly gruesome deep-space adventure that will haunt your dreams and leave you begging for more.” Woo, sign me up!

Actually, I’m decidedly not a horror fan, so this isn’t for me. But I do love top-rated $20 games that are totally free, no strings attached. There are, however, two requirements: As always, you’ll need an Origin account and the Origin client software.

Enjoy your nightmares.

Bonus deal No. 2: I mentioned this a few days back on Twitter and Facebook, but in case you missed it: Ebates is currently offering a whopping 14 percent cash back from over 400 stores. It’s available today only, so move fast.

That’s in honor of Valentine’s Day, of course, though it doesn’t exactly help anyone shopping for last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts. Still, if you’re planning to buy anything today, make sure to see if there’s a cashback option. Among the stores participating: Dell, HP, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Under Armour and Orbitz.

New to the whole concept of cashback services? Find out if they really work (spoiler: they do), then move on to four surprising ways to get cash back without even trying.

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