Best wired gaming headsets 2021: plug and play

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Best wired gaming headsets 2021: plug and play

If you’re in the market for the best wired gaming headsets available today, you’ve come to the right place. From headsets that are comfortable to wear for hours on end to the best cans for crushing the competition online, we’ve tested and selected the best wired gaming headsets that you can buy right now.

Even though wireless headphones have taken off in recent years, wired gaming headsets remain incredibly popular for a number of reasons. A wired gaming headset gives you far more flexibility than a wireless pair could ever hope to achieve (you’re not restricted by Bluetooth, needing a dongle, or being unable to connect to specific devices), and microphones tend to sound better than their wireless counterparts, with greater fidelity.

Another advantage that wired headphones often have over their wireless counterparts is that if your device has a headphone jack, your favorite pair of cans will work on it. You also don’t need to worry about any audio latency, interference, connection issues, or having to charge your headset after every couple of play sessions, which is a huge relief. 

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There’s a pleasing simplicity to owning a pair of wired gaming headphones, then, but which pair should you choose? While you can’t really go wrong with any of the selections we’ve rounded up below, we’ve made your purchasing decision a little easier by placing them into certain categories like ‘best PS5 wired headset’. 

PS5 Pulse 3D headset

(Image credit: Sony)

Best wired gaming headset for PS5

Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

Reasons to buy
+Affordable price point+Works seamlessly with PS5+Great mic and mic monitoring
Reasons to avoid
EQ needs tweaking12-hour battery life won’t last longNot the most comfortable

Yes, even though the Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is a… well, a wireless headset, it can also be used wired. You don’t need to turn the headset on, either, so if you run out of battery when playing wirelessly it isn’t a problem. The microphone also works when connected via the DualSense controller’s audio jack, so you really get the best of both worlds with the Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset.

Of course, we wouldn’t recommend Sony’s official PS5 headset if it didn’t sound great, but thankfully it does. It’s specifically designed to make the most out of the system’s 3D audio, and it shows in certain titles like Returnal and Demon’s Souls. A great option for wired and wireless, then, the Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset ticks both boxes for less than $100 / £100.

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Best Xbox Series X headsets EPOS H3

(Image credit: Epos)

Best wired gaming headset for Xbox Series X/S

Epos H3

Reasons to buy
+Incredibly comfortable+Excellent mic+Crystal clear sound
Reasons to avoid
Non-detachable micAwkward volume dial

Microsoft has announced that it will release a wired version of its superb Xbox Wireless Headset, but for now, our pick for Xbox users is the Epos H3. The Epos H3 is one of our favorite wired gaming headsets as it’s incredibly comfortable, has a crisp and clear audio profile, and comes with an exceptional microphone.

It also hits the sweet spot of being under $100 / £100, though the proprietary 3.5mm headphone cable could be a sticking point if you lose or damage it. Still, there are few wired headphones that can compete with the Epos H3 when it comes to price and performance, and we’re pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they are every time we put them on our heads.

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Corsair HS50

(Image credit: Corsair)

Best wired gaming headset for PC

Corsair HS50

Reasons to buy
+Strong stereo sound+Excellent value
Reasons to avoid
Mic can be easily misplaced

You don’t have to blow your entire budget on a gaming headset to get top-quality sound, as the Corsair HS50 so amply proves. For under $50 / £50, the Corsair HS50 delivers terrific audio, multi-platform compatibility, and an excellent microphone to boot. 

We were particularly impressed by the headset’s build quality, which can usually be iffy at this price point. The microphone can also be detached if you wanted to use the Corsair HS50 outside the home, and thanks to its understated design, you won’t look like a typical gamer on the go. 

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Fnatic React Plus

(Image credit: Fnatic)

Best esports wired headset

Fnatic React Plus

Reasons to buy
+Pinpoint sound accuracy+Superb microphone
Reasons to avoid
Some build quality concerns

Having lighting fast reaction times is one thing, but if you can’t hear where your opponents are coming from, good luck getting the kill. The Fnatic React Plus will thankfully ensure that you’re never caught unawares, however, as they provide pinpoint sharp sound that lets you determine where every enemy is hiding.

While the oval earcups won’t be for everyone, and we had a few build concerns, the Fnatic React Plus is worth it due to the incredibly clear and detailed sound it provides, choice of leather and fabric earcup pads, and excellent microphone. 

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Beyerdynamic Tygr 300 R

(Image credit: Beyerdynamic)

Best premium wired gaming headset

Beyerdynamic Tygr 300 R

Reasons to buy
+Extremely comfortable+Impressive audio quality
Reasons to avoid
Kind of expensive

If you’re a player who isn’t interested in chatting online and simply wants the best sound quality possible, the Beyerdynamic Tygr 300 R might be what you’re looking for. The headset features an open-back design, which provides a wider sound stage and great stereo imaging. What that basically means is that your games will sound more atmospheric and immersive than ever before. The Beyerdynamic Tygr 300 R’s are also a great choice for music lovers, something which most gaming headsets don’t manage too well. 

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