Epson Has Some 'Epic' Projector Deals Ahead of National Movie Night on June 10 Epic may be a slight exaggeration, but you can get up to $200 off some pretty decent mini laser projectors.

National Movie Night is June 10, which has given Epson a good excuse to promote some “epic projector deals to create an at-home cinematic experience.” We liked a couple of the models that are currently on sale, including the 720p EF-100 (now $800 or $200 off) and 1080p EF-12 (now $900 or $100 off) mini laser projectors. They’re on sale through June 5 at Amazon and Best Buy, with Office Depot discounting the EF-100 later in June. 

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Geoff Morrison, who reviewed the EF-100 for CNET, thought it was a little pricey for what it offered, though he is a fan of laser-powered projectors. The same goes for the EF-12, which he rated slightly higher. Both are quite compact and have built-in streaming with Android TV as well as integrated speakers that output sound. Despite its small drawbacks, the EF-12 did make our list of best home-theater projectors as the “best compact laser projector.”

The Epson EF-12.

Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

Morrison’s quick take on the EF-12: “The EF-12 is a small, highly portable projector that looks a lot like the Anker Nebula Pro and the BenQ GS50, but it fits a slightly different niche. It’s easy to tote and doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, but unlike those two it can’t run off of a battery — it requires AC power. The EF-12’s light is created by Epson’s ‘MicroLaser Array Projection Technology.’ Yep, laser beams, which deliver a brighter picture than LED-based models like the Nebula and GS50.”

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