Galaxy S10’s camera may get dedicated low-light mode


The Galaxy S10.

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The Galaxy S10 has a superb camera, and for the most part, it takes excellent photos. But unlike some of its rivals, like the Pixel 3 and the LG G8, it does not have a dedicated camera mode for low-light environments that users can manually select. Instead, Samsung’s phone would just optimize its settings whenever it auto-detected a really dark scene, without giving any controls to the user.

That may change soon, however, with a software update expected later this month or early May, according to tech blog site Sam Mobile. Simply listed as “Night” on the camera’s interface, the feature will be included with other mainstay photo options users can already toggle between before snapping a photo (some other additional modes are “panorama” and “food”). As image quality continues to be one of the key deciding factors in the phone-buying process, handset makers do their best to outfit their premium handsets with top-of-the-line camera tech.¬†

A low-light image taken on the Galaxy S10E (left) and Pixel 3 (right)

Lynn La/CNET

Building out a separate low-light mode in the Galaxy S10 enables Samsung to remain competitive in this area, especially when compared to Google’s Pixel 3 and its impressive Night Sight mode (you can see a comparison between the midtier¬†Galaxy S10E and the Pixel 3 to the right).

The Night update is already available to some users in Switzerland in an April 2019 security patch update, as reported by Sam Mobile. Samsung did not yet confirm if and when the update will roll out to other markets and did not immediately reply to a request for comment. In the meantime, let us know in the comments below if you received the update and whether or not it improves your low-light images.

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