Get 40% Off This Ultra-Portable Sony Party Speaker Take it with you anywhere: it'll keep the party going all day and night long.

Beach days are on the horizon, and a good portable speaker is just as essential as any beach towel or umbrella. 

When it comes to Sony speakers, scoring great prices doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. I’ve invested in two Sony SRS wireless, water-resistant, and dust proof bluetooth speakers that still pack the same punch as when I got them two years ago. They’ve lasted through tests like snow, rain, and sand, delivering beautiful sound and bass.

This wireless bluetooth speaker is no exception.

Meet the SRS-XG500, a wireless bluetooth speaker with a 30-hour quick-charging battery and built-in handle. It offers a powerful party sound to go and plenty of features for any occasion. Originally $500, you can grab this for just $298 today.

You can charge your device and play tracks via USB, or connect and stream easily via Bluetooth. The speaker can also connect with up to 100 other speakers via Party Connect. 

Just ten minutes of charging provides up to three hours of playback time. Sony’s Battery Care feature will also stop charging before the battery reaches 100% to ensure the health and life span of the battery.

The speaker comes with LED ring lighting for ambiance and Sony’s IP66 water resistant and dust proof technology that keeps the speaker playing even when exposed to water, sand, and dust. For those who want to show off their karaoke skills, you can plug in a microphone in the rear port. It can also be used as a guitar amplifier. The speaker only weighs 12 pounds. 

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