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Get LG’s OLED CX TV — the gold standard in picture quality — for the lowest price ever



It goes without saying that we all want the best picture quality we can afford. The problem is that the best picture is often outright unaffordable. OLED screens rule the roost right now, and the LG OLED CX TV is currently the best display that CNET has ever tested. But priced at $5,000, it’s beyond most people’s reach. It’s descending, though. Now through Sept. 7, you can get the LG OLED CX 77-inch TV for a somewhat more attainable $3,750. That’s a savings of $1,250. Still not an impulse buy, but one worth considering if you feel compelled to experience the best picture you can buy on a wall-sized TV.

In CNET’s recent review of the 65-inch version of the LG OLED CX, David Katzmaier observed that “LG is the OLED leader and its 2020 CX series achieves as impressive a picture as any TV I’ve ever tested.” David didn’t recommend the CX because it was so expensive — it wasn’t the best value — but with this sale that calculus has definitely changed.

The TV’s webOS software falls short of the features and usability of Roku, but you can always add an external streamer if you don’t like the one built into this TV. Nonetheless, the TV supports both Alexa and Google Assistant, and has four HDMI ports, three USBs and a bevy of other connectors. 

Oh, and if you happen ton use cash-back service TopCashBack, you can get an additional 2% back on this purchase. That’ll pay for a Roku to replace the webOS streamer, if you so desire. 

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