Get Up to 20% Off Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and Tab S8 Choose from over a dozen different styles and options, all at discounted prices.

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Paired with its sale on Samsung Galaxy Book2 laptops, Amazon is offering discounts of up to 20% off Galaxy Tab S6 and S8 models right now, hours away from Prime Day. These tablets give iPads a run for their money, excelling in audio and video displays, battery life, and touch-screen capabilities. Right now you can save over $100 on some of the best options out there.


Save $130 on this S8 Plus tablet, which offers a large 12.4-inch display and 4K video.

$900 at Samsung

$740 at Amazon

$800 at Best Buy

This S6 Lite tablet — which was originally $430 — can be yours for just $350. Many of its features compare to the S8, aside from sound and video quality.

If you want superior video quality, I suggest opting for the S8 Plus, which offers 4K video and photo. The S8 Plus comes with an AMOLED screen and high resolution for brightness, crispness and color, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 chip for powerful performance. The S8 is also on sale ($600 for a 128GB or $680 for 256GB, a savings of $100) and does just as much in a smaller 11-inch display.

For a high performance tablet at a lower price, consider the S6 Lite. You can get a 128GB or 64GB model in Angora Blue, Chiffon Rose, or Oxford Gray. The 64GB tablet will set you back $300 (save $50) or you can opt to invest that $50 into more storage for a 128GB model. This model weighs less than the S8 but has a slightly older processor.

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