Google Pixel Feature Drop Makes It Easier to Find Your Vaccine Card and More If you have a Pixel 4 or newer, be on the look out for these new features.

Google on Monday announced new features rolling out to Pixel 4, Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 devices. The Pixel Feature Drop will include new ways store your vaccination card, find information faster, a way to silence background noise, make music and use new wallpaper for Pride month. 

Here’s what you to know about the updates:

Easy access to your vaccination card

No more carrying your physical vaccination card around or struggling to remember where a digital copy is in your phone. Pixel users in the US, Canada and Australia can now take a screenshot of their digital vaccine card and add a home screen shortcut.

More information on the fly 

Google’s update adds three new features to the Pixel’s At a Glance feature. If you use a Google Nest doorbell, you’ll now be able to see when someone rings your doorbell without opening the app. The update will also remind you if you’re flashlight is on, as well as show you air quality alerts in your area.


The new Pixel Feature Drop includes Pride-themed wallpaper.


Silence background noise

Conversation mode is now available to the Sound Amplifier app on the Pixel 3 and newer. The feature lets you amplify specific voices and block out background noise while using your phone’s camera. The noise reduction will also apply to Google Meet calls.

Make music on the go

You can now make music anywhere with Pocket Operator for Pixel. The app lets you layer sounds, add visual effects to video, as well as create beats and patterns to mix together. You can find the app, compatible with Pixel 5 device and newer, in the Play Store.

New wallpaper

In honor of Pride month, Pixel users can find new Pride-themed wallpaper designed by artist Yan Bastard in the Curated Culture collection.

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