Google Search Glitch Means You're Not Seeing New Content From Websites Any new articles just published are not appearing in Search.

Google Search on Friday appeared to suffer a glitch that stopped it from indexing new content from websites. This means that when you’re searching for terms on Google, any new articles recently published won’t appear in Search.

As of this writing, searching for CNET or CNN articles published within the last hour produces no results. We couldn’t find results when searching for a handful of other sites, such as Bloomberg, The New York Times and Yahoo. The same goes for other search terms. 

Google Search results for Pixel 6A.

Google Search not indexing new content — in this example, related to the Pixel 6A. 

Screenshot by Imad Khan/CNET

Older content is still searchable.

Google Search results for Pixel 6A.

Google Search results for Pixel 6A. 

Screenshot by Imad Khan/CNET

The glitch is causing search to work in odd ways. For some sites, new articles are appearing as published hours ago when they were published much more recently. We tried replicating the below experiment for CNET articles and it did not yield any results.

Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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