Google taps into your traumatic Windows, macOS experiences in Chromebook ad


Shots have been fired.

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Ah, the spinning wheel of death. The rapidly multiplying error dialogue boxes. You’ve likely experienced these while using Apple’s macOS and Microsoft’s Windows.  

Google knows that and is tapping into these anxiety-provoking moments in its new Chromebook ad, which was posted to YouTube on Monday.

In the ad, Google shows a serious of nightmarish clips highlighting the glitches you’ve likely experienced, from being met with the blue screen of death to your computer quitting “unexpectedly.”

The footage is timed to dramatic music that hilariously captures the chaos and distress of these situations (and the tumult of emotions you likely feel when things like this happen). 

In the middle of the video, the music is abruptly interrupted by an annoying voice repeatedly saying, “A serious error has occurred” as an internet security dialogue box appears on the screen and won’t go away, even after hitting “close” multiple times.  

Apple and Microsoft didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

At the end of the video, Google boasts about some of Chromebook’s features, such as virus protection, automatic updates and battery life.  

To be fair, Chromebooks of course have problems of their own. But it’s hilarious when companies poke fun at each other. 

Your turn, Apple and Microsoft. 

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