‘I adore you’: Elizabeth Holmes’s romance with Sunny Balwani resurfaces at trial

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes collects her belongings after arriving to attend her fraud trial at federal court in San Jose, California.
SAN JOSE: Theranos Inc founder Elizabeth Holmes’s romance with her second-in-command at the blood-testing startup is creeping back into her criminal trial.
Holmes is poised to deflect fraud charges by shifting some of the blame for mismanagement of the company to former president Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani. Her attorneys want to show the jury statements Balwani made about his taking responsibility for various aspects of company operations when he was questioned by federal securities regulators in 2017 — about a year after their 12-year relationship ended.
But prosecutors say Balwani’s statements are “untrustworthy” because he may have been “motivated by feelings of love” from the prior romance. To make the point, the government has released text messages between Holmes and Balwani displaying their affection for each other.
In May 2016, Balwani messaged Holmes to say she has his love “in every breath,” and in “every cell and every heartbeat.” The messages show Holmes talking about food, feeding their “fishie” and airline seat assignments, but there are also many expressions of endearment.
“I adore you. I love you so much,” Holmes writes Balwani in May 2016. “U have my heart and soul for every lifetime,” Balwani responds a few minutes later. “There is not a breath I take when I am not manifesting the best and brightest and Lords Glory for you. You are my true north because you are Gods bright shining light.”
Holmes already has testified for parts of three days and she’s set to return to the witness stand Monday to continue being questioned by her own lawyer. Afterward, she will be cross-examined by prosecutors.

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