I didn’t expect to like SwitchLok’s phone-mount, but I did, and here’s 25% off


This is the SwitchLok Car Mount and the iPhone version of the case. But you can get a SwitchLok adapter that works with just about any phone.


As a general rule, I don’t care for modular products, which are often disproportionately expensive and/or more hassle than they’re worth. But the SwitchLok phone-mount system is an exception; I didn’t expect to like it, but it won me over by deftly solving three key problems: protecting my phone, mounting my phone in my car and mounting my phone on my arm.

I’ll explain all that, but, first, here’s the deal: Cheapskate readers can save 25% on all SwitchLok products with promo code CHEAPSKATE25. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

Right now SwitchLok has just four products in the lineup, but there are more to come. The two mounts are the Car Mount and Armband Mount, each $30 after discount. The former is nothing too revolutionary; there are plenty of magnetic mounts out there, though this one is nice because you barely have to look where you’re sticking the phone. The tongue-in-groove design and strong magnets mean you can practically throw it on your dash and it’ll lock in place.


Joggers, rejoice! With the armband, your phone pops on and off — securely — with the greatest of ease.


But I’m most enamored with the armband, because most phone armbands suffer from an annoying problem: You can’t easily use your phone while it’s in there. Either you have to take the armband off (huge hassle) or take the phone out (equally huge hassle). With the magnet mount, you just pop the phone off and switch podcasts, check your email or whatever, then pop it back on. I’ve used this for both running and biking, and it’s fantastic. Oh, and even with all that bouncing, the phone never budged.

If you have an iPhone X or XS, you can get the SwitchLok case ($30 after discount), which has a built-in magnetic backing (but still manages to work with wireless chargers). The SwitchLok Case Adapter ($15 after discount) lets you add that “plate” to just about any phone or case. Take note, however, that the adapter may get in the way of wireless charging, depending on the thickness of your case.

SwitchLok may do more cases in the future, but for now the company is working on additional mount options, including a wireless charger (one that would let you continue to use your phone while it’s charging) and a wallet add-on.

Pricing and availability on those are TBD, but for now I’m definitely enjoying the case (I happen to have an iPhone X), armband and car mount — though obviously you don’t need to buy everything. Runners, for example, could get just the armband and case adapter. I think the discount makes the pricing a lot more palatable.

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