iOS 15 will help you look amazing in FaceTime calls. Here’s how

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iOS 15 will help you look amazing in FaceTime calls. Here’s how

iOS 15 gives FaceTime a long-overdue Portrait Mode option.


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Your FaceTime calls are about to get a lot better looking. Apple’s popular video chat app is getting an upgrade in iOS 15, which will be available as a free download for your iPhone on Monday, Sept. 20. You’ll now be able to take calls while in Portrait Mode, focusing the video call on your face and not your background for a more polished and professional look — similar to turning on Portrait Mode when you take a picture

While other video chat apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams added blurred background options a while back, those are typically used more in professional settings. The addition of Portrait Mode to your FaceTime calls means even your casual chats with friends and family from your iPhone, iPad or Mac will look much nicer and give you more control of what people see whenever you’re on video. 

Here’s how to turn on Portrait Mode on your FaceTime calls. Plus, here are six more new FaceTime features you’ll find in iOS 15 and how to share a FaceTime call link with Android and Windows users

How to turn on Portrait Mode in your FaceTime calls

1. Once it’s available on Monday, download iOS 15 (here’s how to download and install iOS 15 and how to tell if your iPhone can run iOS 15). 

2. When on a FaceTime call, tap the box where your video appears. This will enlarge and center your video box, with new options.

3. Tap on the portrait icon in the top left corner of the screen and Portrait Mode will activate. You should see your background blur right away. 

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