Microsoft’s next big Surface event announced for Sept. 22

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Microsoft’s next big Surface event announced for Sept. 22

Microsoft’s Surface devices straddle the world of laptops and tablets.

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Microsoft has set the next big Surface hardware event for Sept. 22, during which it could announce updates to its well-regarded Surface tablets, Surface Book laptops and potentially even its Surface Duo phone. The event will take place entirely online, following a trend of product announcements happening remotely amid the coronavirus pandemic

The tech giant didn’t leave much to the imagination with its event announcement, tweeting a profile image of what appears to be a thinner Surface tablet device than it’s offered so far. The event is set for 8 a.m. PT with a livestream available on the company’s website.

Microsoft’s event is the first one announced in what’s expected to be a busy month filled with product events from Apple, Amazon and Google ahead of the holiday shopping season. Microsoft’s event in particular will also likely kick off a busy few weeks leading up to the company’s Oct. 5 launch of Windows 11, its biggest software update for PCs in six years.

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