My Favorite Workout Headphones are $40 Off Right Now Shokz OpenRun headphones quite literally saved my life, and if you do things outside you should consider picking some up.

If you exercise outdoors near cars, you need to stop wearing normal headphones and start wearing bone-conduction headphones so you can hear what’s around you. Specifically, OpenRun headphones from Shokz, because they’re the best you can buy. And thanks to Amazon Prime Day, these headphones are also on a significant discount.

I love a good pair of headphones, but I don’t love spending a ton on them. My threshold for spending on headphones is about $100, which is why when all of my cycling friends started raving about bone-conduction headphones a few years back, I was more than a little hesitant. These headphones were $160, and because they use bone conduction instead of normal earbuds I wouldn’t be able to wear them on airplanes or anything like that. These would more or less only be workout headphones, and it took me a while to spend the money. 

A week after I did, I was nearly sideswiped by a pickup truck, and the only thing that saved me was hearing it come up behind me. There’s a reason these are our recommendation for some of the best outdoor headphones you can buy. 

 Bone-conduction headphones sit just outside your ear, resting on the bone. Music is vibrated through a set of pads into your skull, and you hear those sounds as if they’re coming from a speaker a few feet away. You can hear everything you’re listening to from your phone without interrupting the sounds coming from the rest of the world around you. For cyclists and runners — really anyone who does anything outside — this is a game-changing experience. It’s more accurate and pleasing than normal headphones with “passthrough mode” and you sacrifice very little in audio quality. 

My favorite bone-conduction headphones, and I’ve tried them all, are the OpenRun headphones from Shokz (the company formerly known as Aftershokz). They’re waterproof (which means easy to clean when I’m all sweaty), the battery lasts me about seven hours on a charge (perfect for those 70-mile riding days), and they’re comfortable enough that I can wear them all day and not feel them pressing on me. They charge magnetically with a proprietary charger, but Shokz includes two cables in the box in case you lose things like I do. Oh, and right now the price on these has dropped to an incredible $100. 

If that’s still a little rich for your blood, no worries. Shokz also has the cheaper OpenMove bone conduction headphones with up to six hours of batter life and IP55 dust and water resistance for $55, which is a $25 discount on its normal price. 

Whether you’re physically active outdoors or you just like exploring new things, I highly recommend giving these headphones a try.

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