New PS5 model may run hotter thanks to smaller heatsink

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New PS5 model may run hotter thanks to smaller heatsink

The new PS5 has two small differences. 

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A new PlayStation 5 is now on sale in Australia and some countries in Asia, according to a report from Press Start on Aug. 22. This new SKU has minimal changes from the original version: a weight difference of 300 grams and a new base screw. 

The change in weight is seemingly due to changes to the console’s heatsink, which may cause the system to run a little hotter than the launch version. A new video shows how Sony was able to trim the weight. 

YouTuber Austin Evans uploaded a video Saturday showing the insides of the new model PS5 and the launch console. He found that the heatsink is smaller, lighter and has fewer vents than the older version. The component plays a big part in the PS5’s cooling, and a temperature check on both consoles found the new PS5 ran a 2 to 5 degrees Celsius higher than the launch version, according to the video. 

Sony didn’t respond to a request for comment on why the change was made or when this new PS5 would come to the US. 

The second difference in the new model is the base screw. Launch PS5s had a screw that required the use of a screwdriver, coin or even a fingernail. The new version has a bigger screw with a grip so it can be screwed in by hand. 

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