New Sims 4 High School Expansion Pack Starts Class July 28 Gameplay with your teen Sim is about to get more exciting. No mods needed.

Hot on the heels of the Sims 4 Werewolves game pack release, Electronic Arts and Maxis announced High School Years, the franchise’s latest expansion pack on Thursday. The new pack will open a whole new realm of gameplay for teen Sims on July 28 on Steam, Origin, PlayStation and Xbox. 

High School Years introduces the world of Copperdale with seven new lots like Copperdale High, local hangout ThrifTea, a library and the high school principal’s mansion. The official trailer also hints at a few premade characters like style icon Ash, Molly (the principal’s daughter), socially awkward romantic Kevin and star athlete Sidney. 

High School Years looks like it’ll check all of the teen milestones. In addition to regular school happenings like classes, lunch and exams, the pack will offer after-school activities like cheerleading, sports and chess club. 

Sims 4 High School Years Still

No more sending your teen Sims to school with no control over how the day plays out. 


The pack will also include prom and graduation events, pranking classmates, new interactions for hanging out with other teen Sims, sneaking out after curfew, as well as new build mode items and Create-A-Sim content.

Until now, players have had to rely on mods, the Teen Hangout Lot trait and imagination when it came to having a dynamic experience with teen Sims. According to EA, players can also expect a base game update that will add additiona puberty features for teens like body hair.

As a fan of legacy challenges, the new expansion pack and update will add another level of detail to gameplay and give your Sim a meaningful backstory. The pack could also complement the already available Discover University expansion pack from 2019. 

Check out the trailer here:

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