Save 52% on a nifty laptop desk, down to $24 shipped

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Save 52% on a nifty laptop desk, down to  shipped


If you do most of your work from a laptop at home or on the go, a laptop desk can make things feel more official, organized and, most importantly, more comfortable. It also makes it easier to work from the couch. (Don’t worry, I won’t tell your boss.) Right now, a well-rated LapGear Home Office Pro lap desk is down to $24 on SideDeal. We even scored exclusive promo code CHEAPSKATE for free shipping for nonmembers. Members already get free shipping so they’ll save an extra 10%, bringing the total price down to  $21.

This nifty laptop desk features a cushy wrist pad that’ll take pressure off those arm, wrist and finger muscles when typing away for long periods. The side pad keeps your mouse gliding freely and there’s even a slot to stick your phone or small tablet so everything is within reach and eyesight while you crank through the day. It’s perfect for working in odd spaces like at the park or on a bus, train or plane, and keeps the hot laptop off your thighs.

The same model is selling on Amazon for $33 where it sports an excellent 4.8-star rating in over 4,000 buyer reviews. But SideDeal has it for $9 less with free shipping when you plug in our special code CHEAPSKATE at checkout.

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