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Stock up on your favorite HD and 4K movies for just $5 each


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There are a few movies I’ve found myself renting over and over again — if I had simply bought them outright, I could have saved quite a bit of dough. Here’s a chance to scoop up a few of those “wish I owned” movies at a deep discount. The Microsoft Store is in the middle of a summer sale, and about 60 or movies are currently marked down to $4.99.

The list includes both HD and UHD titles, so obviously the 4K movies are a better deal, but even the HD films will save you a few bucks. Case in point: You can get Jupiter Ascending (don’t judge — it’s a guilty pleasure) in HD for $4.99 from Microsoft right now. From Fandango, it’s $14.99. On 4K movies the saving is even bigger. 

Be sure to browse the whole list of about 60 discounted movies. Here are a few that jump out to me as especially intriguing:

Microsoft isn’t the only place you can snag $5 movies right now. Fandango Now has about 35 movies on sale for $5 each as well, so this is a good time to be buying movies. There’s a lot of overlap with the sale items at Microsoft, but Fandango has some unique titles as well. So it’s well worth your time to browse both sites. 

Here are a few $5 movies you can only find at Fandango right now:

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