The Roku Express 4K Plus is on sale for $29 (save $11)

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The Roku Express 4K Plus is on sale for  (save )

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Call this one a “permadeal.” While it originally debuted at $40, the Roku Express 4K Plus is back at $29. And it seems to float at $29 to $30 nearly all the time. That’s about the same price as its stepdown model, the non-4K Roku Express

The Roku Express 4K Plus is an enthusiastic CNET Editors’ Choice winner because it’s a nearly universal recommendation. The tiny box adds nearly every streaming channel to any HDMI-equipped TV — from Netflix to Disney Plus to Peacock to HBO Max, and everything in between — at full 4K resolution with HDR support, for optimal color reproduction on compatible TVs. (Pro tip: While Roku has booted YouTube TV from new installs, that service is available from inside the standard YouTube app for subscribers.) If your TV isn’t 4K, no problem: This model will work just fine, too. Oh, and the remote controls your TV’s power and volume as well. In short, there’s very little not to like here. Read our Roku Express 4K Plus review

To be clear, if you already have a recent Roku, Fire TV or smart TV with a built-in set of apps, there’s nothing new here. But if you have an older TV — one where the manufacturer stopped adding new streaming options to the menu long ago — this $29 investment will get you the full panoply of streaming options, including a ton of totally free content on services like the Roku Channel, Tubi, Pluto TV and more.

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