This massive, speedy 400GB microSD card will cost you $300


Hold a ton of storage on your finger.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Western Digital came to Mobile World Congress hoping to prove that great things do come in small packages by unveiling a new 400GB SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXCT card. 

But that card isn’t just large, it’s also tipped to be fast with read speeds of up to 160MB/s and write speeds of up to 90MB/s. Western Digital says that makes it more than 50 percent faster than current SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSD cards. It uses the SD Association’s A2 specification for faster launching of apps, too.


The card promises to be super durable, but be careful of those metal contacts just the same.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The card’s design makes promises, as well. It’s shockproof, waterproof, X-ray-proof, and can operate in a wide temperature range, from from a frigid 13 degrees Fahrenheit up to a burning 185 Fahrenheit.

Not surprisingly, you’ll pay for the privilege of all that space in something smaller than a penny: The card will sell for $300. Compare that to the current stepdown “Ultra” 400GB model with slower transfer speeds that sells for around $231 on Amazon.

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