Tom Hanks’ new Apple TV Plus movie looks like Turner and Hooch meets Chappie

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Tom Hanks’ new Apple TV Plus movie looks like Turner and Hooch meets Chappie

Apple has released the first trailer for Finch, the Tom Hanks-starring sci-fi movie that will debut exclusively on Apple TV Plus.

The film, which has been directed by Game of Thrones alumnus Miguel Sapochnik, initially appears to be another standard post-apocalyptic movie. Judging by the trailer, though, Finch seems as if it’ll have something that its dystopian film cousins can sometimes lack: humor, heart and two lovable supporting characters.

Check out the first official trailer for Finch below, which also stars Caleb Landry Jones (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri):

Finch stars Hanks as the titular character, a robotics engineer who has spent the past decade living in an underground bunker alongside his loyal dog companion, Goodyear. The duo are just a few lucky (or unlucky) survivors of a catastrophic solar flare, which wiped out nearly every living creature on the planet.

With his health deteriorating, Finch elects to build – and give life to – a robot (Jones) to look after Goodyear when Finch is no longer around. In order to teach his creation, which names itself Jeff, about the joys of being alive and how to care for Goodyear in the future, Finch embarks on a road trip with his trusted sidekicks – but their journey won’t be without its dangers.

The second movie starring Hanks (Greyhound being the first) to stream exclusively on Apple TV Plus, Finch will launch on the streamer on November 5.

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Analysis: Tom Hanks movies are a safe bet for Apple TV Plus

Tom Hanks takes a road trip with a robot in Apple TV Plus movie Finch

(Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Apple is onto a good thing with its slowly growing collection of Tom Hanks movies. Greyhound and Finch were originally supposed to land in theaters, with Sony Pictures and Universal slated to release them in June and October 2020 respectively.

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic threw those plans out of the window. And, with the film industry reeling from theater closures across the globe last year, the distribution rights to both films were sold to Apple and its streaming platform.

With Hanks playing the lead role in Greyhound and Finch, Apple knew that it would be onto a winner with its acquisitions. Hanks is a legendary actor who consistently draws in audiences, no matter what film he is in. The movie may not be great, but Hanks will always deliver a top tier performance. Backed by his star power, too, movies that he stars in are likely to perform well regardless of their critical reception.

Greyhound is a case in point. The Second World War flick received fairly good to mixed reviews from critics upon release, but currently holds a 75% audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Finch is likely to be in a similar situation. Ordinarily, it may not be a film that would be on a lot of peoples’ film wish lists. With a big name in Hanks attached to it, however, we’re pretty certain that, alongside its two adorable side characters, Finch will be another hit for Apple TV Plus.

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