Vizio MQX-Series TV Serves Up Local Dimming, 120Hz Gaming for Less With a 65-inch model at $850, the series aims to hit the sweet spot between price and picture quality.

Finding the best picture quality for the money is the main object of CNET’s TV reviews, and over the years Vizio has been one of my go-to value picks. I haven’t reviewed the company’s new MQX series yet, but what I’ve seen so far ups last year’s ante by adding some sought-after upgrades while maintaining an affordable price. 

I got the chance to see the MQX in person on Vizio’s demo bus. Yes, it’s a bus-full of TVs and soundbars that drives around the US showing off Vizio’s latest gear. In my brief viewing session it looked good, but I’ll have to wait until I get it into CNET’s test lab to evaluate the upgrades for realzies. Those upgrades include improved brightness — up to 1,000 nits peak according to Vizio — as well as a 120Hz refresh rate, which allows the TVs to take advantage of the best 4K/120Hz video output quality from PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Vizio 2022/23 M-Series TV LED TV lineup

Model Size (inches) Price Refresh rate Dimming zones
M75QX-K 75 $1,200 120Hz 32
M65QX-K 65 $850 120Hz 30
M50QX-K 50 $630 120Hz 16
M75Q6-K 75 $950 60Hz N/A
M70Q6-K 70 $750 60Hz N/A
M65Q6-K 65 $630 60Hz N/A
M55Q6-K 55 $480 60Hz N/A
M43Q6-K 43 $350 60Hz N/A

As you can see from the table above Vizio is actually selling two versions of the M-Series, called the MQX and MQ6. Both offer quantum dots for improved color and all of the other features found on step-down models, but the cheaper MQ6 has a 60Hz refresh rate with lower brightness and no local dimming, so it likely delivers worse image quality. Today Vizio also introduced the step-down V-Series (which lacks quantum dots) and D-Series (entry-level, non-4K) models, the latter of which get Vizio’s voice remote new for this year.

Vizio 2022 TV with SmartCast streaming


Vizio is among the first TV manufacturers to support Wi-Fi 6 streaming, available in all M-Series and V-Series TVs, which it says can help relieve congestion in homes with multiple connected devices. You’ll need a Wi-Fi 6 capable router to take advantage of it.

M- and V-Series TVs also support an array of gaming extras. There’s a new gaming menu for easy access to advanced settings and variable refresh rate, AMD FreeSync certification and compatibility with G-Sync Nvidia graphics cards. The MQX models add support for 4K and 120Hz input on all sizes, and the 50-inch MQX size has the unique ability to handle 1080p at 240 frames per second, which Vizio says is an industry first (the 65- and 75-inch sizes don’t have this feature). 

Vizio TVs continue to use the company’s SmartCast system, which I’ve found less impressive than competitor systems from Roku and Google TV.

The Vizio M-Series Quantum 6 TV

The Vizio MQ6 series includes quantum dots and comes in sizes from 43 to 75 inches.


Vizio did not announce replacements for its higher-end TVs, which include the P-Series and PX-Series LED models from last year and the H1-Series OLED TV, which debuted in 2020. All remain current and are on sale, according to the company.

Although these models start shipping in July 2022, Vizio is referring to its lineup as “2023.” I’m looking forward to reviewing the MQX, and comparing it side-by-side to models like the current Editors’ Choice TCL 6-Series and the similarly priced Hisense U7H soon.

Vizio 2022/23 V- and D-Series LED TV lineup

Model Size (inches) Price Resolution
V755M-K 75 $780 4K
V705M-K 70 $630 4K
V655M-K 65 $540 4K
V585M-K 58 $450 4K
V555M-K 55 $420 4K
V505M-K 50 $330 4K
V435M-K 43 $300 4K
D43fM-K 43 $250 1080p
D40fM-K 40 $230 1080p
D32fM-K 32 $190 1080p
D24fM-K 24 $160 1080p

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